Robins Nest Children's Home

 Mission Statement: We pray that Robin’s Nest will provide a nurturing, loving, safe, Christ-centered atmosphere in which all children will grow at their own speed—physically, mentally, and spiritually—so they may develop their own individual gifts, talents, and abilities and become the person who God intended. 

We believe that we must provide excellent individualized care that protects and prepares each child to impact the world around them with their love for Jesus.

We Protect by:

We Prepare by:

WHO WE ARE "When you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to Me." (Matthew 25:40 NLT)

Robin's Nest Children's Home began in 1998, a private Christian home to minister to the physical, mental and spiritual needs of Jamaican children. Children find their way to Robin’s Nest through the Child Development Agency of Jamaica. Quite often, the children are sick, malnourished, abused or orphaned, and in need of open, loving arms to care for them, pray over them, and bring them up in the knowledge of the Lord. Spiritual and physical food is provided as well as a good education.  We are currently licensed for 35 children with boys in Jake's House and infants, toddlers, and girls in the Main House.  There is a preschool and 1st grade on the site to prepare children from the Nest and the community for going on to the next level.  Over the years many teams have come to the Nest to serve and volunteer their time on projects that help us maintain the home and grow the ministry.   

Our directors come from the United States as volunteers and raise their own support.  The board of directors volunteer their time to do what is required state side and to raise operational and project funds.  It is exciting to see in our 18 years of existence the number of children who have been touched by the Nest.  While some remain long-term, we have watched others return to their homes, move into foster care, or be adopted into loving homes.  

 Robin's Nest is NOT an adoption agency, all adoptions go through the Child Development Agency of Jamaica.

While checking out, if you desire, you will have the opportunity to donate 10% of your purchase cost to go towards helping Robins Nest Children's Home. It's not about just making money at PLB FASHION... Our main priority is to help change the world and unite the human race.

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