The Two Preachers


We are Chris Bridgen and Reza Afshar; known as "The Two Preachers". We are totally dedicated to spreading the message of the Lord Jesus Christ through the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

In December 2013, we started a YouTube channel called "The Two Preachers". On our channel you will find End times news, Audio bibles, Bible movies, Teachings, Testimonies, End Times Prophecy, Sacred Christian music and Sermons. Also, in August 2017 we started to support bible mission abroad. We have grown rapidly and are now heavily involved in the free distribution of bibles in Pakistan.

While checking out, if you desire, you will have the opportunity to donate 10% of your purchase cost to go towards helping The Two Preachers. It's not about just making money at PLB FASHION... Our main priority is to help change the world and unite the human race.

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